Seller Services

Your business is thriving, your team is great, and you are doing good in the world.  When it’s time for you to sell, all the good shouldn’t have to come to an end.

ExitGreen provides business brokerage and valuation services to green and mission-driven companies like yours with annual revenues of 1 to 50 million dollars. We work for exceptional companies whose value cannot simply be expressed through assets and earnings multiples. The value of your company is also found in the commitment of your employees, the company culture and the distinct benefits that your company provides to society.

We provide green business owners the opportunity to exit while valuing and providing continuity to the unique culture and practices of the businesses that they created. We help business owners to:

  • Define a plan to exit your business
  • Establish a baseline value that considers both financial and sustainability metrics
  • Attract and screen mission-aligned buyers
  • Negotiate a deal that results in win-win outcomes
  • Conduct due diligence and navigate a successful close

Let us help you find the buyer that values your business as much as you do.

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